When You Lose A Dog, They Don’t Die, They Continue Living In Your Heart


When you lose your pet dog, a piece of you also disappears. It is always a sad moment when a pet passes away, but people say dogs can sense when their time is coming.

Do dogs die?

There’s an article on a site for dog lovers in search of communities, Dog Heirs, which has some good points that explain how dogs don’t die – they just don’t know how to die. The author of that article, Ernest Montague has been through a sad experience when he lost his pitbull Bolo. He felt that dogs won’t show their pain to you, and their love is unconditional even when they’re hurting or they’re very old or have any other problems. The puppy inside them never dies and they don’t seem to worry about death at all.

I have an old dog too, and I can agree with Ernest Montague. Even though my beagle, Nookie, is old, he still goes to every walk with me, chases after other dogs and runs around sniffing everything. I can only hope that when the time comes for him to go, he can just close his eyes and it won’t be much different than a peaceful sleep.

The grief after you’ve lost your pet dog

Ernest Montague’s article is a nice example of how you can look at a terrible thing from a positive side. But, most of the pet owners who have lost their furry companion feel grief, sadness, and emptiness in their lives. For some people, the sadness can be so intense that it could cause some other medical problems like anxiety and depression. Other feelings that accompany these maybe anger, remorse, shock, guilt and all of them are very normal feelings that can last for about a year after the loss of the pet. If you’ve recently lost a pet, try to be calm and treat yourself kindly.

What has the research shown?

The side effects of the loss of a household pet can be very significant considering that most of the Americans have a pet in their house, and people usually meet death for the first time when their pet dies.

Research has shown that the loss of a cat or a dog can be tough for pet owners because there is nowhere they can express their feelings for the loss. Every kind of support is lacking in the unfortunate events when your pet dies. There are no funerals for them, no condolences cards or similar support for the owners who are going through tough times.

What’s even worse, people that don’t have pets might make things harder by not acknowledging the pet as a real thing that you can grow close to and love to just like any other family member. This might further promote isolation and instead of helping people cope with grief, it can make it even harder for them to go back to normal. A thing that researchers suggest is when you experience a loss, you should surround yourself with other pet owners who understand what you’re going through and will help you get past the grief and sadness easier.

Dogs are just wonderful beings that love us unconditionally, give us support, safety, company, security, and comfort. Dogs can play a big role in our lives, especially when they are the first thing that greets us in the mornings the last thing that wishes us good night before we fall asleep.

Source: Healthy-Holistic-Living


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