What Is The Worst Nightmare Of A Narcissist


A few things you should never expect from narcissists. If you are dealing with narcissists, these things will help you to understand their personality better.

1. Apology

Narcissists never give apologies for the things they have done. They will never take responsibility for their actions even though they know what they have done. If you are dealing with narcissists, you should know that they will never give you an apology.
Therefore, it is better to avoid narcissists and move on from toxic relationships.

2. Gratitude

Narcissists never express their gratitude to people who have helped them. On the contrary, they will point out all your positive characteristics and good things that you have done for them, emphasizing that you are expected to do more.
Narcissists are never satisfied with what people give them.

3. Attention

Narcissists do not pay attention to what people are speaking to them. For instance, if they are not interested in the subject you are talking about, they will simply leave the room. If there are people around you who are not interested in what you are talking to them, you are probably dealing with a narcissist.

4. Empathy

Narcissists feel empathy and compassion only for themselves. They will never express empathy towards people even though they have helped them. They consider that people should be thankful for their presence.
Narcissists consider that they should be appreciated more than the people do.

5. Giving anything for free

Narcissists care only about themselves. They will never give anything to people for free.
However, they expect other people to give them things for free. If you have noticed this characteristic in some people, you may be dealing with narcissists.

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