Why Posting Pictures Of Your Children Can Be Risky


In the era of social media, the need to post and share memorable moments with your children seems irresistible. Many parents share photos of their children and reveal some private information without even thinking about the possible risks and threats.

This type of sharing on social media is known as “sharenting” and it has become a widely discussed issue among psychologists. Their concerns about the potential threats are understandable since anything can happen when you upload personal information on the Internet.

1. Posting photos of your children violates their privacy

Children start developing a unique personality at the age of 5. This means they become concerned about their privacy and have opinions about it. When they grow up they may sue you for violating their privacy, especially if it affects their professional or private lives.

2. Identity theft

Literally, anyone can steal your posts and repurpose them. Someone can use your personal data and photos and post them on their own account like they are theirs.

3. It can lead to bullying

Things you share online can never be deleted. Even if you delete them from your account, they stay there forever. No matter if your account is private, you never know who ends up seeing your posts.

4. It can affect your children’s financial security

The content of your photos and captions reveal quite a lot about your financial situation which can cause unsavory characters to use it for doing numerous criminal activities.

5. It can also politicize your children

A photo of your children attending a protest can be taken as a political statement. Your children can’t understand your political leanings or see both sides of the story and that’s why they are usually parroting your words. When they grow up, people may judge them for these political or ideological statements.

6. You may ruin their future career

Before uploading a photo of your child, think about how their future employers may react after discovering sensitive information from their childhood on social media.
From now on, make sure your photos on social media don’t reveal an obvious daily routine, location, or videos of your children.

Also, research the platform you are using, so that you have better control of what you are posting.

It’s okay to share something once in a while without revealing too much personal information. But in order to play it safe, avoid posting anything at all.


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