18 Reasons Why Lemons Are So Beneficial For Your Health


Lemons are full of potassium, vitamin C, fiber and pectin. One glass of its juice contains less than 25 calories and has many antibacterial properties and medicinal values.

It also contains vitamin A and iron. In this article, you will read about many other health benefits of the lemon.

1. It can relieve constipation and indigestion

Lemons have many antibacterial properties and can fight against bad bacteria. They can relieve constipation and indigestion because they support the growth of good bacteria in the body. Drinking warm lemon water can increase the production of saliva, stimulate peristalsis and stomach acids which can improve digestion.

2. pH balance

It is very important to have a healthy start of the day and to align our body with the rhythm of nature. This means that we have to restore the pH in the body that sometimes is acidic. That happens because of the stresses in modern living including pollution, junk food, toxins, and no exercising. That is why you need to have a balanced pH and your body needs to be slightly alkaline. Even though lemons are acidic their formula helps in creating an alkaline environment. They are the best food when it comes to forming an alkaline environment. They can prevent many health problems. So do not hesitate and start your day with a glass of lemon water.

3. Fight against parasites

People who have suffered from intestinal worms and parasites know that they can be dangerous. If you want to destroy them you need to create a hostile environment. Parasites live in an acidic environment and if you want to destroy them you need to create an alkaline environment. You need to drink lemon water or simply eat lemons. That is the quickest way.

4. Lose weight

If you want to lose weight then you need to include lemons in your diet. Many celebrities use the Lemonade Diet to lose weight faster. Lemons can help you with your weight loss in many ways.

– They contain pectin. It is a fiber that can help you to eat less and feel fuller for a longer period. You need to drink tea with a little bit of lemon before your meals and you will avoid overeating.

– Pectin can help you to lower the rate of sugar or glucose absorption in your organism. This can prevent the blood sugar from spiking and it will prevent Type 2 Diabetes.

– Lemon juice is also a diuretic. It can help your body to flush out excess water, which will reduce the puffiness and bloating.

– If you need to lose weight fast for a big event you can do the following: every morning in a glass of water mix 2 tbsp. of lemon juice, 2 tbsp. of honey and a little bit of cayenne pepper. During the day drink 500 ml. of water with the juice of 2 or 3 lemons. Drink it through the day. You will feel fuller and you will flush out excess water. Remember that you will have to visit the bathroom many times.

5. Concentration

You may have not heard but lemon essential oil can have a calming effect. It has a light lemon scent and one study discovered that if you sniff lemon essential oil you will feel better and you can increase your alertness and concentration at work as well.

6. Oral care

If you have problems with canker sores or bad breath, then use lemons to change that. Do you suffer from a toothache? Apply a little bit of lemon juice on the painful area and get rid of the pain. If your gums bleed, once aging applies lemon juice on the gums and destroy the bacteria that are responsible for the problem.

7. Liver detoxification

The lemon sourness activates the hormones and nerves of the body to improve the work of the kidneys and liver. Lemons have many antioxidants that can improve the liver and kidney function and they will detoxify your body. We mentioned before that lemons can help you to get rid of toxins and excess water. You will have more energy and feel lighter and cleaner. Drink lemon water every morning and detoxify your liver.

8. Exfoliation

Lemons contain vitamin C. It is good for your skin and health as well. Most of the skincare products contain vitamin C because it can neutralize free radicals and stimulate cell renewal. Take a slice of lemon and use it to scrub your face. The skin cells and dirt will be removed and your face will glow and look younger and healthier.

9. Dandruff

You can use this simple treatment against dandruff. Just mix lemon juice with coconut oil and make a natural mask that can help you to get rid of dandruff. While doing the treatment remember that lemon juice can lighten your hair.

10. High blood pressure

The bad cholesterol causes high blood pressure. The lemons contain pectin that can help you to reduce bad cholesterol. The flavonoids and vitamin P can strengthen the blood vessels and the potassium can prevent high blood pressure.

11. Chills and fever

Use lemon water and reduce perspiration. This can eliminate chills and fever. You only need to combine hot tea or water with a little bit of honey and lemon juice. You should drink it every 2 hours and stop when the fever is gone. If you do not have results consult with a physician.

12. Attractive feet

If you have calloused, scaly or rough feet then the remedy might be in your home. Citric acid and vitamin C in the lemons can exfoliate your skin, make your dark area brighter and improve skin renewal. We present to you two natural remedies that can help you.

– Mix 2 or 3 lemons with ½ cup of milk and 2 tbsp. of olive oil. Pour this mixture in a basin with warm water. Keep your feet in the water approximately 20 minutes and by using a foot file get rid of the dark skin.

– Another thing you can do is a scrub made of sugar and lemons. Mix ¼ cup of olive oil with 2 cups of brown sugar. The mixture should not be oily. Add a few drops of lemon essential oil. Soak your feet in warm water and then scrub them with the mixture. Afterward, you can apply some lotion. Your feet will be soft.

13. Glowing skin

Vitamin C is a natural way to treat dark spots. When our body produces connective tissues (elastin and collagen), vitamin C is the key component. Elastin and collagen are responsible for the youthful appearance and beautiful skin. If you do not have enough vitamin C the skin cannot restore the connective tissues and this will cause wrinkles and fine lines.

14. No insects

If you want to get rid of bugs then you can make a simple lemon spray. Just mix 10 drops of lemon essential oil with ethyl alcohol or sunflower oil. Do not use water because the mixture will not be able to combine.

15. Acne

Lemons have many antibacterial properties and you can use them to treat acne. You only need to put a little bit of lemon juice on a cotton ball and apply it on your face. Do this treatment at night and wash your face with water in the morning. Then you can proceed with your additional skincare routine.

16. Varicose veins

Lemons have many strengthening properties. They can help you to have beautiful and younger-looking legs. Combine a few drops of lemon essential oil with a moisturizer, preferably avocado or jojoba. Use this mixture to massage the affected area regularly and solve your problem.

17. Relieve pain

The aroma is lemon essential oil can reduce inflammation and relax the blood vessels. Drink lemon water in the morning and relieve the pain that is caused by trauma, arthritis or other inflammatory diseases. You can use the lemon extract to relieve the pain caused by sunburn. You can also relieve PMS syndrome by drinking lemon juice.

18. Teeth whitening

The products for teeth whitening that can be found on the market are pretty expensive. They also contain chemicals. To save money and use a natural remedy for teeth whitening, you can use baking soda and lemon. Just mix the 2 ingredients and by using a Q-tip massage your teeth. Leave the mixture on your teeth for a maximum of 45 seconds.

Remember that the acids in the ingredients can weaken the enamel on the teeth. Afterward, wash your teeth with clean water and a toothbrush.


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