Reflexology As Traditional Method: Why Foot Massage Is Beneficial For Health


Reflexology is an ancient skill based on the massage of reflex points on the feet and hands that are associated with certain organs, all in order to improve their functions. Chinese doctors have created precise lists of reflex zones on the feet and hands 5,000 years ago.

Reflexology is the most common in Eastern cultures, it is popular in Europe and America, and since 2007 it has been recognized as a traditional treatment method.

In Japan, there is a break for lunch and a break for reflexology, because the Japanese think that the foot massage provides the body with additional strength for a hard-working day. In the Netherlands, reflexology is the treatment of serious illnesses such as multiple sclerosis.

This requires a lot of patience and perseverance, because the first results should be awaited for a year, and the treatment is done once a week.

A massage of reflex points on the feet can detect an imbalance in some parts of the body and stimulating them by certain massage techniques with the thumb and fingers before this imbalance is manifested as a symptom of the disease. When all imbalances are unblocked, a re-flow of life energy is allowed, and the body returns to balance.

These are the top 10 health benefits of reflexology and foot massage:

1. Improves the quality of sleep

Massaging your feet before bed may help you sleep better. A calming and relaxing massage will help you relax the body, improve the blood flow and relax the nerves. This, in turn, will improve the quality of sleep! Also, you can follow these steps.

• Sit straight with the foot in your lap.
• With your thumb, gently press in and around the large pad of the big toe.
• Massage it for a minute on both big toes.
• Then, massage the bottom of the feet for ten minutes with using warm olive, coconut or mustard oil.

2. Improving blood circulation

Because of the sedentary lifestyle, most of us do not use our leg muscles properly. Also, the wrong choice of shoes can be fatal to the health of your feet. By massaging the feet you will stimulate the lymphatic system and help prevent the formation of varicose veins!

• Put massage oil in your palm and firmly rub it on the foot for a couple of minutes.
• Next, gently stroke the foot from the toes to the ankle.
• In the end, gently massage the lower leg.

3. You will be able to relax

After a long and exhausting day, the best way to relax is a soothing and relaxing foot massage, especially after a heavy work shift. Also, this type of massage gives you energy by relieving the symptoms of stress and fatigue.

4. Fights against depression

Foot massages can also help fight depression, scientists recently proved. According to a survey in 2010, it turns out that foot massages help us cope more easily with stress, panic, and sorrow for the loss of something or someone.

5. Relieves pains and aches

Reflexology can help treat various types of pain such as headaches, migraines, neck pains, lower and upper back pain. If you have neck pain, massage your toes as well as the joints and the pain will soon disappear.

6. Better foot health

An easy way to keep your feet healthy and free of all kinds of diseases that affect them is the massage! It helps stimulate the muscles, reduces stiffness and even reduces the pain in the ankles and heels. Besides, just for 5 minutes a day, you can permanently protect yourself from many diseases and protect your feet from injuries and swelling.

7. Relief of edema

Regular leg massage during pregnancy can reduce the effects caused by edema that result in swelling on the ankles as a result of fluid retention. This is a very common phenomenon in pregnancy, especially in the last quarter. During pregnancy, it is not advisable to massage yourself, because it will make it difficult to relieve the pain. For a better result, ask a friend, your partner or, best of all, use professional help from a reflexologist.

8. Relieves the symptoms of menopause and PMS

A lot of women suffer from symptoms such as irritability, sadness, insomnia, fatigue, bloating, mood swings and headaches during premenstrual syndrome. They can be treated by foot massages. Even symptoms such as hot flashes and depression can be effectively treated with regular massages.

For massages on the feet for the purpose of relieving menopausal syndromes, acupressure is recommended. It is best to consult a reflexologist a few times before starting these massages yourself.

9. Restless Legs Syndrome

Foot massage is a useful treatment for Restless Legs Syndrome, a disease classified as neurological. This syndrome can lead to unpleasant sensations, pain, even loss of sleep, as a result of a subconscious desire to move your legs during sleep, caused by pain or swelling.

• Begin by massaging your ankles and heels with the fleshy portion of your hands.
• Next, massage in circular movements with gentle but firm strokes, moving up from your ankles.
• Repeat this every day for ten minutes before sleep.

10. Lowering blood pressure

High blood pressure, better known as hypertension, can be controlled by regular foot massages.

• Apply pressure on this reflex point for a couple of seconds with the thumb and inhale.
• Release the thumb and exhale.
• Do this on the other foot.
• Repeat this process two times a week for a couple of weeks.

The majority of people have really amazing benefits from regular foot massages. But, avoid foot massages if you have burns or open wounds on the feet, fractures as well as severe osteoporosis.


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