3 Ways To Help You Think More Positively


The human mind has so many mysteries and funny flaws that it’s a real miracle everyone gets along nicely. But in fact, it’s a really hard thing to get along well with people.

Many people find it hard to get along well because they have negative thoughts. It’s really important to try to think positively for us to stay on the positive side of our mental road. So what should we do when all these negative things come to our minds?

First, we need to find out how these negative thoughts manifest in our minds and then we can talk about how to neutralize them.

Negativity is a process that starts spontaneously in our brains and oftentimes it comes disturbingly. It might come in an everyday situation for example when you’re talking with a friend or having a conversation with your boss or some other important person in your business life, or even when you’re having a romantic time with your partner. Suddenly a thought comes to your mind in a way you never imagine it would.

You might feel helpless when that negativity takes over but here are 3 ways to help you handle and neutralize these negative thoughts.

1. Know that having negative thoughts is pretty normal

We’ve grown to think that all the negativity is not socially acceptable so we don’t share or even admit it to ourselves, but every person’s mind is like a bubble of negativity waiting to burst any moment. And that bubble is in all people’s minds – people that go to work every day, people that have families and responsibilities, all normal people. When we dig a little bit deeper, even the nicest person has a much more negative version of themselves.

According to psychologists, it is a very normal thing that can be attributed to everyone – from a person that’s struggling with some addiction to a person that is well distinguished in his career and seemingly without and deeper problems.

If you realize that you have some negative or violent thoughts, congratulations, you’re not alone. Everyone else that exists in this world is keeping you company.

2. Thoughts are just thoughts, and it is all they will be

The thoughts are just a small product of our neurotransmitters. They come in our mind in numbers of the thousands every hour, but most of them remain in our subconscious minds because we do not give every thought conscious consideration.

But most of the time we dismiss the positive stuff and choose to give all the importance to the negative things that happen in our brains. And those are the negative psychological attachments. They are very strong and they are those that keep the negativity prevalent. You should be aware of all the negativity that you cling to, as hard it may be.

But in the end, thoughts will remain thoughts in your brain and they won’t have any importance until you give it to them, so stop taking them seriously and start to choose which thoughts you will let be the important ones.

3. There is always an answer

There isn’t some magic spell that will clean your mind and turn it into something pure and positive, don’t hope for that – you’re just a vulnerable and imperfect person.

This means that you need to address all your issues happening deep within you. After you’ve done that, you can work towards cleaning and purifying your mind but fighting with each thought won’t help, that will just make things worse. You must start by finding a solution to your deepest issues.

In my example, my deepest issue was that I resisted authority. During my childhood, I felt neglected by those that were supposed to show me and teach me about authority so I just thought that they didn’t care about me so there wasn’t any authority figure that had power over me since I was a kid. I just had the thought that everyone who tried to impose their authority over me had to be punished.

So these thoughts in my mind settled there from the time of my childish ignorance when I had no idea that my parents or siblings were just normal people that were struggling with issues of their own. My mind only wanted revenge. These types of thoughts led to me having problems throughout my young adulthood. I invited more authority intervention because of my rebel nature and all that made me hate authority even more and it was like a never-ending cycle. After some consideration and thinking, I realized that the rebel type is one of those negative psychological attachments that cause self-destruction.

So after finding out what my deeper issues were and working towards resolving and accepting them, it has helped me clear out my mind and make it a little bit quieter than it was.

Source: PowerOfPositivity


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