Make Your Garden Flawless: Numerous Uses Of Vinegar In The Garden


Using toxic chemicals, fertilizers and pesticides in your garden is not a good idea. You should not use them in the garden even though they are the cheapest solution.

Not only are they harmful to the environment, but also for human health. Do you know that you can use vinegar in the garden rather than pesticides and fertilizers?

It is cheap, and also it is safe. There is nothing more that people should look for. White distilled vinegar, which you can buy at the local stores, has numerous uses in the garden.


1. It keeps pets away from the garden

If you want to keep animals, like rabbits, moles, dogs, pets, or rodents, away from your garden, you should spray the entire garden with white vinegar. It will also help you to keep cats away from the children’s favorite playing spot.

Another thing you can do is to soak old clothes in white vinegar and hang them in the garden. If it rains, you should soak them again.

2. It cleans old clay pots

Clay pots keep the moisture of the soil, thus protect the plant roots during the summer. They also are kept as decorative items in the garden. However, the clay pots take away all the minerals and the salt of the water, thus becoming unappealing. In cases like this, you can use white vinegar to make your clay pots clean and shiny.

All you have to do is to:

– Rub the dirty remaining of the pots.
– In 3 – 4 cups of water, add a cup of vinegar (5 %) and soak the pots in the mixture. Let them stay for about half an hour.
– If there is still some remaining, you can rub it with undistilled vinegar.

3. It eliminates ants

Vinegar represents a very effective insecticide. In order to destroy ants, you should spray the whole affected place. After a few days, you should repeat the same process and all the ants will be completely eliminated.

4. It repels weeds

In order to destroy weeds from the garden, you should definitely use vinegar. It will destroy the weeds thoroughly and your garden will be a comfortable place for taking a rest.

5. It makes the cut flowers last longer

In a vase, add one teaspoon of sugar and two tablespoons of vinegar. Add the cut flowers in the mixture and replace it for 3 to 5 days. This will give the flowers an adequate food, which will make them last even longer.

6. It eliminates weeds

Vinegar also represents an anti-weed product. In order to destroy weeds from your garden, you should:

– In a gallon of 5 % white vinegar, put 2 tbs of dish soap as well as a cup of salt.
– Mix the ingredients well and pour it in a spray bottle.
– Spray all the weeds in the garden.

7. It destroys garden insects

In a spray bottle, put one teaspoon of dish soap, some vinegar and 1/3 of water. Mix them and spray it all over the garden with this mixture.

8. It eliminates fruit flies

You can eliminate fruit flies with this mixture. All you have to do is to:

– Mix one cup of water, ¼ cup of sugar, one tablespoon of molasses, as well as ½ cup of apple cedar vinegar.
– Apply the mixture in a container and hang it on the fruit tree.
– The fruit flies are going to be trapped in the mixture as soon as they attack it.
– This mixture also is effective for eliminating flies inside the home.

9. It refreshes your acid plants

Mix a gallon of water and a cup of vinegar, and spray your gardenias, azaleas, or rhododendrons. In this way, you will boost up their growth and they will be more refreshed.

10. It eliminates rust from the garden tools

All you should do is to spray the garden tools with undistilled vinegar or let the tools stay in it for a few minutes. After that, you should just rinse the garden tools.

11. It Prevents fungus

If the plants do not grow enough or have dark marks on their leaves, they are surely affected by mold or fungus. You can protect them from the fungus by using white vinegar.

Mix two teaspoons of white vinegar with chamomile tea, and spray those affected by fungus. After some time, the plants will become slightly refreshed.

To protect roses, you should:

Mix 4 liters of water with 3 tbs of apple cedar vinegar. After that, spray the roses with the mixture, so that the fungus can go away.

12. It eliminates slugs and snails

White vinegar represents an anti-slug and snail product. It is a perfect solution to get rid of the slugs and snails from your garden.


In order to germinate seeds, you should use white vinegar, particularly when you germinate moonflowers, okra, glories, asparagus, or other seeds, which cannot be easily germinated.

Rub them with sandpaper. It is best to rub them a night before planting the seeds. Mix a squirt of dish soap, 500 ml of lukewarm water and 125 ml of vinegar. Then, soak them in the mixture. The following day, you should plant them. In this way, the growth of the seed will be enhanced.


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