10 Symptoms You May Be Suffering From Stress


Stress represents the main culprit of numerous medical conditions and health issues. For that reason, medical experts advise people to be careful about its side effects on the overall human health.

Stress affects nearly all systems in the body. In fact, it may disrupt the immune system, the reproductive system, the digestive system; increase the risk of stroke and heart attack and speed the aging process.


Pressures and situations that lead to stress are known as stressors. Not only stress can be caused by external factors, but also by self-generated or internal factors. For example, when you worry or have irrational thoughts about your life.

Common external causes of stress overload

• School or work
• Life changes
• Relationship issues
• Being busy
• Financial problems
• Family or children

Common internal causes of stress overload

• Negative self-talk
• Pessimism
• Perfectionism or unrealistic expectations
• Lack of flexibility
• Rigid thinking
• Not being able to accept uncertainty


The stress symptoms may sometimes be invisible and lead to additional negative effects. Therefore, it is really important to be able to recognize its symptoms in order to prevent additional health complications.

Here are some of the most common signs that you are too stressed:

1. Changes in the mood

Stress negatively affects the hormones, which in turn leads to mood changes. Moreover, it also causes addiction, obsessive-compulsive disorder, anxiety, and other health issues.

2. Low libido

Stress may negatively affect the sex hormones, which in turn causes low libido. In addition, it may also lead to impotence and exhaustion. For this reason, it is important to calm down and enjoy your sexual life. Talking with your partner and finding out a solution is another alternative that you can try.

3. Lack of patience

If you are overstressed, you feel impatient, angry, intolerant or irritated. Try to find a way to deal up with the stress in order to prevent arguments with your family or friends.

4. Relentlessness and anxiety

Stress often causes relentlessness and anxiety, which may be getting worse if not treated on time.

5. Pain in the body

Stress usually leads to body malfunction, thus causing headaches, body pain, pain in the chest, diarrhea, ulcers, arthritis, palpitation, sore and tense muscles, and pain in the stomach.

In order to prevent health issues and to enhance your overall health, you should find a way to get rid of stress.

6. Sleeping difficulties

If you are overstressed, you are likely to experience sleeping difficulties, as well as exhaustion and tiredness. In order to overcome stress, you should find its cause and try to deal up with it. Moreover, you can also take up meditation, yoga, or exercise, reading, walking in nature, etc.

7. Variations in weight

Stress leads to reduced appetite, which in turn makes variations in weight. Stress may lead to weight loss or weight gain if it hinders the function of the metabolism.

8. Obsessed about work

If you are overstressed, you feel concerned about your work, finances and everyday obligations. Therefore, the best way to deal up with them is to calm down and to think carefully about them. Overthinking causes additional stress and leads to psychological and physical issues. Try to find a way to overcome stress and enjoy the time with your family or friends.

9. Hair loss

Carolyn Jacob, the founder, and director of Cosmetic Surgery and Dermatology in Chicago claims that we lose about 100 hairs a day, without being aware of it. Stress may negatively affect the normal functioning of the physiology system and lead to hair loss.

10. Increased allergies

According to the studies, allergy sufferers have stress symptoms after experiencing depression. It is considered that the stress hormones encourage the production of blood protein, which causes allergic reactions.

It is normal to experience stress, but if you notice that stress negatively affects your life and you have no control to deal up with it, you should take certain steps to lower and get rid of stress. Professional support and making lifestyle changes can help you significantly.


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