20 Signs For Letting Go Of The Past And Moving On With Your Life


It is high time to live in the present …
‘It is not useful to regret about the past in our lives. Everything that we possess is the present’.Marlon Brando

It is not easy at all to forget the things that happened in the distant past. Our emotional bonds to events in our lives remain as a memorable impression in our minds. So, they can be positive – reminding us about a person we loved very much in the past, or about some achievements that we had in the past.

Also, they can be negative – considering some relationships that it was hard to maintain or considering some bad decisions that we made. Taking into consideration the negative events that happened in our lives, we are aware that they may have a great influence on both the present and the future.

To admit it, it is really hard to forget those negative things, because our brain tries to repeatedly remind us about them. However, in case we want to forget the past and live a calm and meaningful life, all we need to do is to be more self-aware and to make the right decision.

These 20 signs suggest that we should forget about the past and live in the present:

1. When we get exhausted from the people and the environment that is surrounding us, then we should go on.

2. When we get tired of the things that we loved and did in the past, it is high time to take up some other things that will give us motivation.

3. When our beliefs and morals have been jeopardized as a result of some situation we are currently in, then it is high time to leave that situation in the past.

4. When we are not having fun, it is high time to take up something that will make us joyful.

5. When we make out a positive perspective in a harsh circumstance, it is high time to confront it and to go on.

6. When we settle ourselves down in one position and when we are afraid to make a change in our lives, it is high time to grasp the fear and to go on.

7. When we think that our dreams may seem impossible to achieve, it is high time to remind ourselves of our aims and to take immediate action to achieve them.

8. When we wish for feelings of freedom, we should think about our momentary condition, which may permit our feelings of freedom to come to the surface.

9. When our life’s state is not the same as the expectations we have set in our life, it is high time to ask for those expectations.

10. When we more often feel sad than happy, when we more often cry than laugh, it is high time to leave the desperate situation in the past.

11. When we are more focused on things that happened in the past rather than on things that are happening now, it is high time to make a change in our life.

12. When we are permanently reasoning ourselves why things are not improving, it is high time to reason ourselves why it works or not.

13. When we feel bored, complacent or resentful, it is high time to make a change in our lives.

14. When our memories are more painful than satisfactory, it is high time to leave them in the past and to go on.

15. When we cannot correct the situation or attitude that has harmed us, it is high time to find out the reason and to forget about it.

16. When we feel alone in the world, when we feel rejected and not understood by anyone, when we feel disvalued or disrespected, we are among bad people. It is high time to find new friends or company.

17. When some close friend of ours insists to seek for personal discovery or improvements, it is high time to go on.

18. When we have tried to make things work, but we failed each time, it is time to find out the reason and to make a change.

19. When we sacrifice ourselves for some close relatives, and this sacrifice has not been reciprocal, then it is high time to discuss it with them. Probably, it is high time to take separate paths.

20. When we ignore a person or a relationship as a result of another person or relationship, we are harming not only them but also ourselves. Then, it is high time to make a change.

Most of the decisions to go on are not easy at all. This is particularly true for decisions in which we have to separate with a person or a group of people.

However, it is essential to comprehend that we do not make this decision on our own, even though we feel it otherwise.

When you decide to forget the past and to live in the present, make it only for the right reasons. At the same time, ask for support and help from the people you love and take care of.


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