After Being Sacked For Refusing To Kill Two Bears, This Conservation Officer Won A Court Battle Against His Dismissal


Bryce Casavant, a conservation officer from Canada, lost his job after he had refused to kill two bear cubs. Bruce has been working in the Canadian military in Afghanistan for many years. Later, he was moved to Port Hardy in British Columbia to work.

While working, Bruce came across a female bear and two beer cups. Complying with the rules of the province, Bruce killed the bear, but he refused to shot the two beer cups.

He took the beer cups to the vet, who sent them to the North Island Recovery Center. Later, the baby cups were released into the wild.

Because the conservation officer did not comply with the province`s rules, Bruce was sucked. However, he decided to fight against the employer`s decision at the province court.

Last week, the court informed him that he won the legal battle.
While he was waiting for the court`s final ruling, thousands of people signed a petition against the decision of his dismissal.

The Pacific Wild, a conservation group, stated that more than 4500 bears were killed by the conservation officers in the last eight years. Brice said that it is unreasonable to think that more than 4500 bears were killed in the province.

SourceThe Guardian


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