How Your Body Reacts After You Quit Smoking


We are all aware that smoking is one of the worst things that we can do to our body and yet many people still do it.

It can cause lung and other types of cancer, ectopic pregnancy or erectile dysfunction and other problems connected with the circulatory system and heart as well as other health problems.

One of the best things that a smoker can do is quit. The changes will start immediately. First of all your clothes, hair and skin will smell better and your body will change.

What will happen if you quit smoking?

1. Blood pressure drop/heart rate

20 minutes after you smoke your last cigarette your heart will start to work more effectively.

2. Normal carbon monoxide level

One study from 1988 discovered that 12 hours after you quit your carbon monoxide level will be normal again.

3. Circulation / lung function

2 weeks after you quit your lungs will start to function properly and your circulation will increase. During a longer period this will grow, but remember that some people experience changes after 3 months.

4. Lung cilia/breathing

One to nine months after you quit your breathing will improve. Smokers sometimes experience shortness of breath, which will decrease because the cilia will start to grow again and work properly. The coughing will reduce as well and the organism will be able to fight against infections and colds.

5. Stroke risk/cancer

During a period of two to five years, the chances of a stroke may become that of a person who does not smoke. 5 years afterward the chances of getting different types of cancer such as bladder, throat, and esophagus can be reduced by half.

6. Lung cancer

Ten years after quitting the chances of getting lung cancer will be reduced by half. The risk of pancreas and larynx cancer will be reduced as well.

7. Coronary disease

15 years after you quit the chances of getting coronary disease will be on the same level as a non-smoker. Your heart will be happy and healthy once again.

Other benefits

The positive effects of quitting are endless. People with diabetes will be able to control the sugar level in their blood and the risk of diabetes will be reduced. You will smell better and there will be no yellow stains on your nails.

The wrinkles around your mouth will reduce and their growth will be slower as well. Your teeth will become white again and your breath will be fresh. Your sense of smell will be normal and you will enjoy food without adding salt or seasonings.

Everyone can quit

Smoking is never a good choice. If you still smoke remember that it is never too late to quit. The sooner, the better and to do that you can find many resources that can help you. is a good choice that can guide you. You can find information about how to quit and you will read about the negative effects that smoking has over your body. There are many recommendations and quitting plans that can help you to move on and be motivated.

There are many medications as well. If you want to avoid the pharmaceutical medications you can try some natural remedies. First of all, you should try the essential oil of black pepper. When you will be on the edge of giving up and feel the urge to light a cigarette just open the bottle and smell it. You will be surprised that the essential oil will calm the urge.

You have to know that your quitting process may be stressful. Many people experience that. You can start and think of the good things in your life and ask yourself some serious questions before you continue to smoke and lose many important things, including your health.


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