How To Prevent Your Dog From Chewing His Collar


Chewing on things is something all dogs love to do. Sometimes they can’t control their chewing urge and wrap their teeth around another dog’s collar. They are doing it either because they are extremely bored or if they crave your attention.

Make sure you take away their motivation for inappropriate chewing and train them to stop doing it, otherwise this behavior may lead to some medical issues.

Inappropriate chewing can be caused by several factors, including:

– Curiosity
– Lack of knowledge between what is appropriate vs. inappropriate chewing items
– Relieving discomfort
– General under-stimulation
– Barrier frustration
– Stress
– Obsessive-compulsive behavior

Here are some tips that can help you prevent your dog from chewing inappropriate items:

Make sure your dog has no nutritional deficiencies or intestinal parasites which, in turn, trigger inappropriate chewing.

Dogs are like small children, and they make toys out of anything. Therefore, ensure they have a lot of toys to play with.

Practice both scolding and praising. When your dog bites a toy praise them, and scold them when they are chewing the other dog’s collar.

However, make sure you are correcting them fast enough, so they can make a connection between your correction and their transgression. Negative commands like “off” or “no” can be helpful.

Apply a taste deterrent to the other dog’s collar. Choose a bitter or spicy flavor that will repel your dog.

Both your dogs can get along very well, but if their game is getting too rough just separate them.

Put metal decorative ornaments to the other dog’s collar. It will deter your dog from biting it.

Spend more time playing with your dog. Inappropriate chewing behavior may appear if your dog lacks your attention.


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