Old Grain Bins Were Converted Into A Stunning Bed And Breakfast


Judi and John Stuart have been insurance brokers for 30 years and after purchasing farmland in Yamhill County, Oregon with 82 acres of land, they decided to change their careers. This farmland already had a ranch house and 3 storage silos, so, they decided to turn it into an awesome bed-and-breakfast place.

They didn’t have to invest money, resources, and energy in building the farmland house and used what they already had. They designed and event center and a couple of guest bedrooms which gave the old and abandoned farm storage a stunning beauty.


John had spent his entire childhood in England. When he visited Oregon, he knew this was the place where he wants to spend the rest of his life.


The beautiful Queen-Ann cherry farm was taking up 2 acres of the land, so the couple didn’t have to think about what they would grow. So, they decided to build a house on the farm.

Despite the beautiful ranch house, the farmland also came with 3 large round grain-storage silos that have been located behind the ranch house.

Judi and John have made some renovations to convert the silos into living spaces. Although it was prohibited, John worked with the planning committee, seeking their input on what could be done, and finally, his idea was brought to realization.

The central silo was turned into a guest bedroom upstairs and a living room downstairs. The two outer silos were turned into guest bedrooms. The lower floor and the outer space were turned into a luxurious event center.

The five cozy rooms inside the Silo suites have stunning views of the Willamette Valley’s bucolic vineyards and pastures.

The bed-and-breakfast place became a landmark in Yamhill County. It stimulated the tourism growth in this community. Guests constantly visit this Abbey Road Farm, spend a week or more, and enjoy the greenery and the fresh air.

On the outside, the silos have a metallic look, while on the inside they are equipped with modern Victorian-Style furniture. The floors have been redone, the walls re-paneled, and the rooms have been revamped. The upstairs of the farmhouse can accommodate at least 6 guests at a time.

There is also a fully equipped commercial kitchen. For celebrations and events, this place can accommodate up to 1000 guests.

Judi and John have decided to cultivate fescue grass seed on sixty acres of the farmland. The couple produces their meat, milk, and cheese and owns a pen with a small herd of goats as well.

If you visit Oregon and want a unique stay, this is the place you should check out.

Source:  Abbey Road Farm  ||  Wide Open Country


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