Nurturing Your Children At Night To Fall Asleep Can Be Very Beneficial For Them


Being a parent has always been both the most wonderful and the hardest role ever.
Maintaining a healthy connection with your children and nurturing them is also known as attachment parenting. If means creating a deep and strong parent-child bond.

However, some experts believe that attachment parenting is the main reason for the emotional insecurity in children. This may include, for example, going ballistic every time they are separated from their parents even for a short period of time.

Therefore, many parents are trying to reduce the time amount of physical contact with their children, especially when putting them to sleep at night.

Surprisingly, the latest studies have shown the opposite. Susan Krauss Whitbourne, who is a professor of Psychology and Neurosciences at Massachusetts Amherst University, claims that children who have received a great deal of parental nurturing are more likely to become successful and emotionally stable adults.

Attachment parenting is also very beneficial for the parents themselves. Namely, they have less conflict-ridden lives and they are guilt-free when they haven’t spent enough time with their children.

Caressing your children so they can fall asleep easily makes them emotionally stable and more confident.

Experts also suggest that children who were neglected by their parents had smaller brains in comparison to those who were nurtured and loved.

However, this does not mean that if you don’t caress or co-sleep with your children they will definitely have poor brain development. The point is that the lack of nurturing may leave some unintended repercussions on your children’s mental or psychological state later in their lives.

Incorporating attachment parenting techniques into your role as a parent does not mean you shouldn’t discipline your children with strict methods.

This especially applies to all those busy parents who spend most of their time at work. Make sure you spend at least 15 minutes with your children when they fall asleep at night. It is a great effort that both of you will be thankful for.

Source: The Hearty Soul


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