A Multimedia Artist Creates Ultra-Realistic Sculptures With Sand


Andoni Bastarrika, a self-taught art artist from Spain, enjoys creating sand sculptures. He is especially interested in sculpturing animals. Take a look at the sculptures the artist has made.

In the summer of 2010, Andoni made the first sand sculpture of a little mermaid on a beach together with his two daughters. He admitted that he had been learning to sculpture things for more than 10 years.

He is fascinated by the sand. He claims that the sand teaches you the things that you are eager to learn. The main reason why Andoni is attached to sculpturing animals is that the animals are free spirits.

Not only their characters are unique and amazing, but they also bear wisdom. People need to learn from them.

Once he creates the sand sculpture, it remains unprotected in nature. The wind blows the artwork and the sand particles unite back with the ground again.

In addition, according to Andoni, the nudity that the animals bring with them from their birth until death symbolizes freedom. Andoni added that he never sculptures animals with chains as a form of suffering. He prefers portraying their freedom and wisdom.

The time that Andoni needs to create a sculpture depends on its size. For instance, he needed 12 hours to create a bison and horse, whereas he needed 2 days to sculpture an elephant.

First, Andoni collects moist sand and starts shaping it, using a stick. He also uses other materials, such as stones, stone powder, ashes, horns, clay powder, coal powder, etc.

People could not stop talking about how real his animal sculptures look like. Photos of Andoni`s realistic sand sculptures have started to circulate on all media networks.



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