Deceitful And Manipulative People Never Apologize When They Are Wrong


If you get an apology from a deceitful or manipulative person, you should know that it a fake apology. In general, these types of people apologize when they want people to believe in or to forgive them.

It is considered that deceitful and manipulative people never admit their mistakes. They are never responsible for their own mistakes and actions. They will always try to make people believe that they are not wrong and that someone else is responsible for their actions. They want to show you that they never make mistakes.

Also, deceitful and manipulative people will tell you hundreds of excuses to make you believe that they are not wrong. They act as they are kind-hearted, generous, and innocent.

If you try to show them that they also make mistakes, they will attack you immediately. They will try to show you that you are not perfect and that you have your insecurities and fears, too.

Deceitful and manipulative people will never admit that they are wrong. They will never realize that they need to change. If you argue with a deceitful or manipulative person, he will try to show you that he is innocent. He will trick you and confuse you, as you are a deceitful one.

Whenever you argue with them, they will distort facts and reality. They will make you feel as you are wrong. They are masters at giving new meaning to contexts. They are masters at making people doubt their sense of reality and logic.

Therefore, if there are deceitful and manipulative people next to you, try to ignore them. Do not try to explain your actions to them. They will never believe you. They will never take responsibility for their actions.


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