Why Kids Under The Age Of 12 Should Not Use Smart Phones And Tablets


Do we guess that your children play with your tablets and cell phones? We will give you many reasons why children that are under the age of 12 should not use them.

People are aware that technology has a great influence on our lives, but not many are familiar with the negative effects that cell phones and tablets have on them. To avoid consequences over their development kids need to have limited access to the devices.

There is research that shows the negative effects that technology has over our children’s lives. They enhanced the access of all children (regardless of their age) to the viral world where the critical factors for learning, behavior, and development do not exist.

Here are 11 reasons why your children should stay away from tablets, cell phones, etc.

1. Quick brain growth

Between the age of 0 and 2 years, the children’s brain grows three times in size and constantly grows until the age of 21. The early development of the brain happens because there is a lack of environmental stimulation. If a child’s brain is overexposed to technologies it can lead to impaired learning, cognitive delays, increased impulsivity, lowered ability to self-regulate and attention of deficit.

2. Slow development

Technology can restrict the movement of the children and that can cause slow development. It is the quite disturbing the fact that 1 of 3 children start going to school with slow development and that has a huge negative influence over their ability to learn, their literacy and their academic achievement. When children move their ability to learn and pay attention will enhance. And when children who are less than 12 years old use technology it will have negative effects on their learning and development.

3. Obesity

If a child uses their smartphone or tablet it has 30% more risk being obese. The number in Canada is 1 in 4 kids and the USA is 1 in 3 kids. The children with obesity have chances of getting diabetes, early stroke or heart attack. Another disturbing fact is that the kids from the 21 century may be the first generation that may not outlive their parents.

4. Deprivation of sleep

60% of the parents do not control how much their kids are using the technology and 75% of the kids can use their smartphones, tablets, etc. in their bedroom. That is the reason why they are deprived of sleep.

5. Mental illness

When the technology is extremely used it is related to child depression, attention deficit, bipolar disorder, anxiety, autism, psychosis, problematic behavior, and attachment disorder. 1 in 5 kids in Canada has been diagnosed with mental illness.

6. Aggression

In cases where young children are watching violent TV shows, it can lead to aggression. Those TV shows have content with torture, rape and sexual violence and all of them can cause child aggression. The USA claims that media violence is Public Health Risk because it has a huge influence over the children and their behavior. The number of restraints for watching certain programs has been increased.

7. Dementia

It is known that kids who cannot pay attention are not able to learn. The high-speed media can cause attention deficit and can lower the memory and concentration. That happens because the brain reduces the neuronal tracks to the front cortex.

8. Addiction

When children use technology they cannot create a healthy relationship with their children. When they do not have contact with the parent, the children can easily attach with the devices and that can lead to addiction. 1 in 11 kids who are between the ages of 8 to 18 years old has addition to technology.

9. Emission of radiation

Due to the emissions of radiation in May 2011, the WHO claimed that the cell phones in the category of 2B risk and can be carcinogenic. In 2013 the radio exposure was classified as a 2A instead of 2B, based on another research made by Dr. Antony Miller.

10. Not supported in the future

The children are raised in a way that is not tenable anymore. The future for the kids who use technology is unpromising.

11. Eyestrain

After staring in the screen for a long period it is normal for kids to suffer from eye strain. The only way to avoid that from happening is to start limiting their time to 30 minutes playing with those “toys”.

photo credit: donnierayjones Reese via photopin (license)


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