Is Forgetfulness A Highly Evolved Form Of Intelligence


Do you forget things constantly? Things, such as birth dates, friends` names, past events, etc. There are no reasons to worry, as recent researches have found out that forgetful people are more intelligent than others.

Namely, it is considered that forgetfulness evolves from high intelligence.

Our brains are capable of different things. For instance, some of us are capable of remembering things; others are capable of solving math problems, learning foreign languages, etc.

However, we are humans and it is not easy to remember every detail, especially things that happened in the distant past.

Researchers from Toronto said that forgetting things is as essential as remembering. According to the researchers, our brains forget things that happened in the past, because these events are rubbed out by events that happen now. It is easier to forget events than to remember them.

It is claimed that perfect memory and high intelligence are not related in any way, meaning that if a person has a perfect memory, it does not mean that he is highly intelligent. Instead, the opposite is correct.

Namely, some people memorize things in detail but easily forget tiny things.

How does the human brain function?

In the brain, memories are stored in the hippocampus. To be able to focus on important things in life, you should forget irrelevant details. If not, making good decisions is impossible.

Researchers think that the hippocampus, a brain area, focuses on important aspects of life and forgets unimportant ones, thus helping people to focus on important things and make the right decisions.

If the brain is overloaded with unimportant details, it will prevent people to think wisely and make the right choices.

However, if you cannot forget large segments of essential information, you may have serious health issues and it is better to consult a doctor. But, it is good to forget tiny details, as it suggests that your brain functions perfectly.

Bad memory represents a mechanism of the brain that quickly provides a place for new important information and does not allow the brain to use space for remembering trivial and unimportant information.

The more we forget, the more our brain adds relevant information and creates a real perception of the world.

Professor Blake Richards explains that if people can easily get access to some information, such as phone numbers or information found on the Internet, it is likely that the brain will not remember it. Instead, the brain will make space to store new information that is important to remember.

The professor also suggests that all people should do regular cleaning of their memory. This could be done by doing some kind of sport regularly. It is known that doing sport raises the number of neurons in the hippocampus. These neurons delete memories that are not important to remember.

Thus, the brain will not only free space for new information, but it will also classify the already stored information.


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