Intelligence And Education Are Two Totally Different Things


People who have higher emotional intelligence usually understand better how the world functions and how people think in general. But most people don’t have a clear understanding of what being emotionally intelligent is.

According to psychologists the definition of emotional intelligence is: “The ability to identify and manage your own emotions and the emotions of others.”

That means that a person with high emotional intelligence is in control of their emotions and they can use them to help other people too.

Here are seven things about how emotionally intelligent people differ from all others.

1. They are highly driven and motivated

Emotionally intelligent people are highly motivated to bring change to the world. They notice everything wrong around them and they see all the flaws as challenges that they should fix.

Their problems are just some obstacles that they need to cross over in some new creative ways. Their minds are always open to learning new things and they always want to see things from different perspectives.

2. They know what are their strong and weak points

Highly emotionally intelligent people are aware of their weak side and strong side and they always work to improve their weaknesses even though they might be doing something well.

Even though they know they aren’t perfect, they are always confident and they love to show off their confidence to other people.

3. They are very compassionate

Because they’re in such good control of their emotions they can sympathize with people and help them feel better. However the bad thing is they feel the negative feelings of others too, so if the people around them are feeling sad or depressed they will be on that same level.

But they always manage to find a solution to their or a problem their friend is facing and they always find the silver lining in every negative situation.

4. They are curious about everything

When they experience something for the first time, people with high emotional intelligence will be fascinated by it and will thoroughly enjoy it. Whether that is a new friend, or a new hobby, or some new adventure they’re going out to they will be curious about every part of it and enjoy learning something new from it.

Most of the time, they would put extra effort into making their friends go through a similar experience as them because those new things bring joy to them and they want to share the positive feelings with their friends.

5. They accept changes

Most people find it hard to accommodate changes. But highly emotionally intelligent people go through changes as a normal thing that was meant to happen.

They embrace changes and always hope that every change can bring something new and amazing. They aren’t scared of the future and love seeing the world change and what’s in store for them with all the changes.

6. They know how to work hard and have fun at the same time

They can find the perfect balance between hard work and having fun at the same time. They are aware of the deadlines that have to be met, but they don’t let work and stress interfere with their emotional welfare. The perfect balance between fun and seriousness is great for keeping an emotional balance too.

7. They know they’re not perfect

This one goes together with being aware of their strengths and weaknesses, so they know that they and nobody in this world are perfect. Everyone has flaws and places that need improvement but they are also aware that sometimes it’s just easier to go with the flow.

They are responsible for their actions and they act how they feel is best for themselves and the others around them. They acknowledge their flaws and they always work on trying to improve them.

Source: Higher Perspectives


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