Effortless And Impressive Leap Of A Wild Bobcat Over The River


Bobcats can be hardly spotted during the daytime. However, a camera in Louisiana captured an amazing leap of a wild bobcat across the river.

The video perfectly shows the bobcat before the jump and how it reached the other side of the bank in one move.

Laurel Serieys, a biologist at the University of Cape Town stated that bobcats can jump several meters. He added that if bobcats are jumping over something, they can leap over six meters. Moreover, larger cats can leap much further than that.

When it comes to the video, Laurel said that the bobcat may be leaping over the river to avoid getting wet, or it may be hunting some prey.


While fishing for blue crab in Pecan Island, Louisiana, a person noticed the bobcat and decided to record it. They thought that the bobcat was going to get wet in the water, and was surprised when the bobcat leaped over the river.

People were amazed after watching this video. Many commented that it was a spectacular sight to watch.

Source: ViralHog  ||  BoredPanda


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