Moms Confess: Husbands Are A Bigger Source Of Stress For Wives Than Kids


Married women are exposed to a higher level of stress than single women. They have an enormous workload consisting of marriage, household, parenthood, and their job.

As a result, they are more likely to suffer from fatigue, headaches, and anger. According to some studies, husbands contribute more to their wives’ stress rather than their kids do.

Almost 50% of responders have revealed that their husbands create more stress than their children do, and it is not related to cheating or abuse.

The study’s findings also suggested that almost 80% of women are responsible for both parenting and household responsibilities. These findings explain why more of the blame falls to the husbands as opposed to the kids when it comes to causing stress.

Wives who have regular jobs too reported feeling more overwhelmed and suffering from higher levels of stress.

The main reason women gave for feeling so stressed is that their husbands behave like children. Another reason for their stress is because they can’t find enough time to do all the work. After all, they lack support from their husbands.

Since all the responsibility lays at the women’s feet, they may feel guilty if something goes wrong, which in turn causes stress too.

The truth is, that men behave like children until the age of 43. Around 80% of women believe men stay immature for the rest of their lives. This is expressed in their carefree attitude toward certain problems, as well as in their interactions with children.

Dads usually have fun with their kids and therefore they are perceived as a “friendly” figure and a partner in crime who allows them everything. Mothers, on the other hand, are more concerned with issues related to health, upbringing, discipline, and educational development of their children and therefore they are perceived as the “bad” cop. This can affect their relationship with children and increase the conflict between both parents.

To have a successful marriage, housework responsibilities should be shared equally. Spouses should value each other’s efforts because the work that doesn’t generate money should be appreciated too.

To reduce the level of stress, spouses need to improve their communication and create unity. There is no point in mothers forbidding something while fathers allow it. Instead, both parents should form a cohesion when it comes to parenting and household responsibilities.


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