Six Tips On How To Help Your Daughter Grow Into An Independent And Powerful Woman


Nowadays, girls are constantly bombarded with pressures from every side. They are told how to look, and how to behave to fit in some norms. Girls are also expected to be smart and do well in school, but they shouldn’t come off as too smart.

All these things affect the confidence of young girls, and it is shown that an average teen girl is less confident than an average boy at the same age.

Luckily, there are some tips we can give you to help you raise a strong and confident daughter that believes in herself and stands up for what she thinks is true.

1. She needs to see an example of a strong and independent woman

You as a mother, need to be that example. Show her that you can value your talents and capabilities.

Emphasize all the good qualities she has, and tell her that it’s a really good idea to be free and live her own life out of her relationships. Show her that you can stand up for yourself and that your interests matter.

Don’t speak negatively about yourself and your own body and don’t say bad things about how other girls look.

2. Motivate her to have big goals in life

From the earliest age, you need to teach your daughter that she can have the same opportunities as any man and that she can succeed in whatever job they choose.

There are no such things as feminine jobs, and she needs to know that she can choose a career based on what she’s interested in and what she loves doing.

3. Inspire her to do different activities

Let your daughter try various activities. She needs to develop a wide range of interests and that’s best done through trying new things.

Let her take part in whatever she thinks is interesting for her whether it be some intellectual activity, a sport, or some social activity. Through these, she can make new friends and develop interpersonal skills.

4. Never take her concerns for granted

You, as a mother, need to be a great listener and you need to make your daughter feel safe and secure when she comes to you with a concern.

The worst thing you can do when she tells you that she is worried about something is to say that she is being silly or that she’s overreacting. You need to let her know that she can tell you about whatever she feels and that her concerns are valid. That will surely boost her confidence.

5. Commend her success

It is proven that commendation and praise help boost a child’s confidence. However, girls from the youngest age are taught by media that their skills are less valued than their appearance.

So to counter this awful preconception, you need to praise her achievements, whatever they might be, either intellectual, athletic, or regarding her kind personality.

6. Tell her that her wellbeing should always come first before any relationships that she might be in

It’s a positive thing to be around other people and build relationships based on love and kindness. And for most people, relationships are a key factor in their lives. However, girls are expected to act and behave in a certain way in relationships.

They are expected to be the main caretakers and wish granters for other people rather than taking care of their welfare. Some girls even put their careers on the backside because of that.

You need to teach your daughter that sometimes it’s all right to say “no” when it comes to her interests and health.

It takes a lot of energy and love to raise the confident daughter that you always wanted, and that’s why you need to try your best. Sometimes, you might feel like it’s hopeless to fight against all the negativity that comes from school, media, friends, and even relatives.

Despite all this, when she grows up she will remember all the times you were there for her and that you were the one that helped her become the strong woman she is.

Source: The Powerful Mind


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