Honors For A Mom From Iowa That Fostered More Than 600 Children In 50 years


Some people on this planet do so many good deeds they’re simply heroes. One such hero is Linda Herring, the woman that should be an inspiration for every single one of us.

Around 50 years ago, she started fostering kids and turned her home into a place where every kid could have access to food, clothing, shelter, and love.

Linda didn’t turn a single kid away, no matter how big the needs, the age or gender of the kids were. The Department of Human Services collaborated with her so she gave shelter to every kid she got a call for no matter the time of day.

A friend of hers gave her a little kick when she started to foster children, but after a while, she knew that that was what she wanted to do. She had conversations with the department who then let her accept kids that had special medical needs too. At that time Linda couldn’t even imagine that after so many years she would have more than six hundred kids fostered in her home.

Besides being a foster mom, Linda Herring is an adoptive mom too

Linda isn’t only a foster mom. Together with her husband Bob, they had 8 kids, 3 of which they adopted. One of the adopted kids is Anthony Herring whom they adopted at the age of three.

The greatest inspiration is love

Linda’s biggest inspiration is her love for kids. She cared for every kid she fostered and she found it hard to say goodbye to them when they had to leave. Every memory of every kid she has fostered is very dear to her and it is always a heartwarming experience for her whenever a kid that she fostered comes back after they’ve grown up.

Linda said that it was really hard for her to say goodbye, and she cried when a child was old enough to leave her home. And after every goodbye with a kid, with tears in her eyes, she always questioned her decision, but the love she had for those kids was greater than everything. Because of her love, now a lot of the kids she fostered have become foster parents too.

After 50 years of fostering it’s time for Linda to take a break

After she dedicated all her life to this, Linda decided that due to health concerns it was time for her to put an end to fostering. But all these years of love didn’t go unnoticed, she received a resolution of appreciation, an honor given to her by the Johnson County Board of Supervisors.

Everyone that can, should adopt children

All kids should have access to basic needs in life – food, home, clothes, water, healthcare, education, and love. But so many kids, in fact, according to some statistics, about fifteen million kids around the world are homeless and don’t have access to basic needs.

In the USA, the number of kids that are fostered is over four hundred thousand, and more than one hundred thousand kids are waiting for adoption. No kid deserves to grow up without a family, so you should consider adopting a child if you want to raise an older kid, or if you decide to start a family as a single parent. Adopting, in general, is a good deed that you can do to give a warm home and love to a kid that deserves it.

Source: Family Life Goals


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