Here Is Way How To Prevent Plastic Pollution Of Waters – A Swimming Pool Concept To Prevent Litter In Waterways Is Going Viral


Last summer, the Australian authorities of Kwinana set up a filtration system in the Henley Reserve. Until now it has proved to be very beneficial and useful.

Here is how innovation looks like. It is like a drainage net placed over the outer drainage pipe that prevents litter and trash to go into the water. These pipes are located between the natural areas and residential areas.

First, the Australian authorities set up two filtration nets and were surprised by the results. These filtration systems were able to catch over 800 pounds of litter within a few weeks.

Therefore, it has been agreed that the authorities set up filtration nets all over the city and thus prevent water contamination and environmental pollution.

Even though the manufacture and installation of these filtration systems are quite expensive, the profit is significant on a large scale.

The litter from the nets are thrown into special trucks and transported to a trash center, where the trash is separated into recyclable and non-recyclable material for further processing.

It was proved that these filtration systems had a positive impact on the environment. The Kwinana people are very interested in environmental innovations and the positive impact of these filtration drainage nets that prevented more than 800 pounds of litter that would have ended in the Reserve.


City of Kwinana


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