GoPro Against Lava: Survived And Recorded The Entire Thing


Erik Strom, who regularly runs tours in the Hawaii Volcanoes National Park, lost his GoPro camera in a crack that had started to fill slowly with lava.

According to the GoPro company, these cameras are known as imperishable but they stop working if operational temperatures get higher than 51.7°C. However, nobody could imagine that it could withstand the heat of lava which is around 1,000°C.

After the flow of lava cooled to form a rock, Erick managed to break through and recover what was left from this tiny piece of technology.

He said he had been talking to the other tourists when he noticed the lava was flowing over his camera. He used a rock hammer to pull it out.

As he freed the camera, he noticed the Wi-Fi indicator was still blinking. To his astonishment, the camera was working and it even managed to record everything.

The SD card had also survived, so he pulled it out and decided to upload the recording to YouTube. The whole footage is quite terrifying. The lava slowly crawls toward the camera which finally gets engulfed in flames as it gets hotter. It went viral as quickly as possible

Watch it for yourself!


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