Fur Farms In Norway Will Be Phased Out By 2025


PETA has announced that there are about 300 fur farming factories in Norway that breed and kill hundreds of foxes and minks per year.

After several years of fighting for the closure of these fur farming factories, NOAH, the Norwegian Animal Rights Organization, stated that the Norwegian government has finally agreed to shut down all fur factories by 2025.

The Human Society International announced that Norway is the 14th European nation to shut down all fur farming factories and to fight against fur trading.

Siri Martinsen, the head of the Norwegian Animal Rights Organization, stated that the government`s decision is a great example for the upcoming Sweden investigation for the welfare of monks.

The Norwegian government has shown that the ban on fur farming factories is possible. The organization hopes that the fur farmers in Norway will dismantle their business before the deadline of shutting down all fur farms.

Animal Defender International, a campaigning charity, also welcomed the government`s news. The charity has been at the forefront of the international movement to stop fur trading.

They were pleased by the announcement, stating that there would be death and suffering until this cruel fur trade exists.

Wendy Higgins, the spokesperson of the Animal Defender International, stated that it is also essential to continue working with designers and retailers to take fur out of fashion.

On the other hand, Guri Wormdahl, a member of the Norwegian Fur Breeders Association, said that he was shocked by the news. The production of mink in Norway is increasing and it currently produces over a million pelts per year.

A government report indicated that the number of fur farming factories in Norway was higher, and it was the biggest producer of fur and mink in the world.

SourceTruth TheoryIndependentReuters


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