For The First Time Ever: Florida Animal Shelter Celebrates Empty Kennel


The staff of the Palm Beach Animal Shelter in Florida couldn’t conceal their joy when they found out that an entire kennel was empty for the first time since the homeless animals had finally found their new homes.

Also, every home needs a cheerful pet that will make their lockdown time more fun.

According to the community outreach manager, Elizabeth Harfmann, more than 96 dogs from this shelter have been adopted.

Some of them were only temporarily adopted, and a few were taken in by the nearest rescue organizations.

However, the whole situation isn’t that optimistic. Millions of people have lost their jobs and now depend on government palliatives. All this may have a devastating impact on the welfare industry as well.

The adoption rates may decrease as people realize they can no longer take care of their pets.


The Palm Beach Animal Shelter accepts emergency cases only, such as animals who have suffered from domestic violence and cruelty.

Currently, 79 more animals are awaiting their new homes, among them two horses, a few cats, and a pig.

If you can’t adopt an animal from the shelters, you can foster some of them. Fostering is another great way to save their lives.

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