Do Men Have A Greater Sense Of Humor Than Women


There is a stereotype both between men and women that men have a greater ability to produce humor than women. However, this stereotype may not be completely true.

A recent study carried out at the University of North Carolina compared all previous sex-based studies in producing humor and came to an interesting conclusion.

Humor ability consists of cognitive, psychological, emotional, social and other influences. It is the ability to make people laugh.

Emily Nusbaum and Paul Silvia carried out research in which they only included subjects that evaluated humor production objectively. They also used previous non-published studies that have evaluated humor objectively.

Namely, 28 previous studies were evaluated and 5.057 participants took part in the research.

The results of the study showed that about 63% of men have a greater ability to produce humor than women. It was considered a minimal difference.

Therefore, on average, it is considered that men are more humorous than women. However, the study indicated that this does not mean that every man is more humorous than a woman.

In addition, it is believed that societal forces do not permit women to express their ability to humor, making them less humorous than men.

On the contrary, humor plays a vital role in choosing a mate. Thus, women tend to choose men who have a great sense of humor. Humor is closely related to intelligence. However, men tend to choose women who laugh at humor.

Therefore, it is considered that men put greater emphasis on humor production than women.

Source: ScienceDirect


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