DIY Air Freshener: Simple Way To Make Your Bathroom Smell Good Constantly


We all know that if we want our bathroom to smell fresh we will need to do our best. It can be quite demanding and we will present you with a simple tip and your bath will be fragrant.

This is a simple way to do a natural freshener for the small room in your house, your bath and also your toilet. It is as efficient as the ones that you buy in the market and it does not contain chemicals, it is very easy to make and it does not cost a lot. It will also last longer.

Homemade toiler air freshener

It is very simple and easy to make and you only need two ingredients.

You will need:

– Roll of toilet paper
– Essential oil


It is really simple. The only thing that you need to do is to put a few drops of the essential on the inside part of the roll. That is it, very simple.

The smell will last until you finish the paper roll. You can use different types of essential oils. You can also put the essential oil on the paper rolls that you do not use at the moment.

The results are wonderful and your bathroom will smell incredible. The toilet paper will also smell fragrant and no one will notice your little secret.


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