A Desperate Mother Cow Rushes After Her Calves On Their Way To Slaughter


SAFE, an Animal Rights Group in New Zealand has recently posted a heartbreaking video of a desperate mother cow running after her calves on their way to slaughter.

A citizen, who had taken the video, concerned for the situation of the mother cow and her calves, sent the video to the Animal Right Group. In their Facebook post, SAFE noted that more than 2 million calves are sent to slaughter in New Zealand.

Nowadays, the force impregnation of cows for a great production of milk has become very common. Later, calves are taken away from their mothers a few days after they were born.

The female cows are doomed with the same destiny as their mother cows, whereas the male ones are sold in the veal industry.

Also, after the cows get old, they are killed. They usually get older quickly due to the constant breeding cycles and lactation, which leads to faster aging. Dairy cows grow older three times quicker than the cows in the wild.

The main reason for this is that dairy cows often get pregnant, i.e. there are just a few months between their pregnancies. It is considered that dairy cows can live up to two decades on average.

However, due to the exploitation of the handlers, on average, dairy cows live up to five years.

Cows, just as other animals and humans, experience fear and pain. It is known that cows express plenty of personality characteristics, including sociability, shyness, bossiness, and boldness.

Source/videoSAFE  ||  New York Post 


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