Dad’s Posts Get More Likes Than His Daughter’s, After He Punished Her By Taking Over Her Media


After a 15-year old Madelynn Sumpter was found out how she helped sneak boys into a sleepover part, her parents, Larry and Tawnya, asked her to choose between two forms of punishment.

Either to be without a mobile phone for a month or her parents to take full control over her social media for two weeks. She chose the second one.

However, she immediately started regretting her decision. When her father took control of her social media, he immediately got creative on her Instagram account.

After a few days, Madelynn`s classmates began checking her Instagram account regularly.


Even though Madelynn wanted to change her decision and to be without a mobile phone for a month, her father told her that he had so many ideas and he had started loving Instagram.

When Madelynn took over her social media, she posted a photo of her as a child, saying that she has come to make good choices. One of Madelynn`s followers replied that her father had made better posts than hers.

Source/photos:   Instagram   BoredPanda


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