Create Baby Yoda Treats With One Simple Hack


Since his appearance in the web series Star Wars: The Mandalorian, Baby Yoda went viral all over the internet.

From crafts and drawings to hilarious memes, this character has been in thousands of people’s posts on the internet.

As the holiday season comes near, a lot of people are trying to find gifts for their close ones and make holiday-themed foods. Katy, on her Instagram, shared a little hack on how to make Baby Yoda cookies using your old cookie cutters. You just need to cut the head part of a normal angel cookie cutter and you’ll get a shape that resembles Baby Yoda.

These cookies do look like Baby Yoda and they’re adorable.

When you take off the heads of the angel cookie cutters they look like baby Yoda.

This cute character instantly became known as baby Yoda but there’s no actual evidence that he is somehow connected to Yoda from the main Star Wars franchise. We are only sure that they are the same species.  The baby Yoda character who is officially known as The Child in the new Star Wars series possesses quite a strong bond to the Force and is hunted by bounty hunters for unknown reasons. The series isn’t finished yet so we might get some more information on his origins in the upcoming episodes.

Some details added and the cookies start to look like they should.

Other people tried it too and it worked for them as well.



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