Concerns About Canola Oil – 3 Reasons Why You Should Avoid Canola Oil


It is possible that you’ve heard something completely opposite to this but you need to stop using canola oil.

Even though there are a lot of persuasive and smart marketing advertising campaigns that have convinced people to use canola oil, because it is a “healthier” option, we are here to prove the opposite. Canola oil can be found in other foods such as processed foods and margarine.

1. Insecticides are dangerous for your health

Many farmers use pesticides to spray their plants and crops, but they also use them to spray the canola crops as well. You may think that it is not a big deal. However, we will suggest staying away from all foods, plants… that have been sprayed. Still, this is not the main point right now. The important thing we have to tell you is that canola oil is a phenomenal pesticide itself. It can be found in “non-chemical” pesticides.

2. Genetically modified crops are used for the production of canola oil

We are all familiar with the controversy of genetically modified foods. Nowadays farmers use it in order to increase their production. It increases every year and many people think that they will help us in the future so we can avoid possible food storage. However, this is debatable.
Many people including me avoid genetically modified foods. It is the main reason why I don’t use canola oil. The question is: do I use canola oil that has been made with crops that are not modified? The answer is negative. I will explain my reasons after you read the 3rd reason.

3. Hydrogenated oil

The cold-pressed and extra virgin oils are refined. The process includes deodorizing, degumming, bleaching, and high temperature. Along with that comes the use of some nasty chemicals. Even though we choose to forget about them we are not going to escape from the fact that all refining processes cause hydrogenation of the oil, which kills trans fatty acids. It is not a coincidence that trans fatty acids can cause serious harm to our heart and cardiovascular health.

These were the 3 reasons why you should avoid canola oil and now we are going to talk about the oil in general.

What is actually canola oil?

We all know that the oil gets its name by the food that it comes from. For example, grape oil is made of grape seeds, corn oil is made of corn, so canola oil should be made of canola seeds right? Well, you will be surprised but canola seeds do not exist on our planet. Canola oil is made of rapeseed and people used to know it as rapeseed oil. People did not use the oil for cooking, nor in the food industry. It was used in the industrial sector as a lubricant.

Afterward, the oil found its way into the food industry. However, in 1956 the FDA officially banned the oil because it was toxic and dangerous for humans because contained erucic acid.

Rapeseed and genetic modification

People who produced the oil discover a new way to genetically modify the oil and afterward they produced rapeseed oil with lower content of uric acid. This happened in the 1970s. It had a lower content of uric acid and people thought that it is safe for consumption. They called it the LEAR oil or the Rape oil. Later the name was changed to Canola Oil, due to marketing reasons.

Even though genetic modification lowered the amount of uric acid, it increased the quantity of oleic acid. Oleic acid is connected with many health problems such as:

– Retarded growth
– Damages caused by free radicals
– Abnormality in blood platelets

Genetically modified crops

19 studies were reviewed in 2011. All of them included mammals that ate genetically modified corn and soy, within 90 days. It was discovered that these foods disrupt the liver and kidney function. “Environmental Studies Europe” published the studies and said that during the 90 days the liver function reduced by 30.8% and the kidney function by 43.5%. I think that you do not want to take that risk.

You have to remember that health and canola oil do not match. You can use other healthier options such as organic cold-pressed coconut oil, organic extra-virgin olive oil, etc. I do not think that you need any more reasons to stop using canola oil. If you are not completely sure you can always ask Google. You will find out more reasons why to avoid canola oil.


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