This Is Why Capable Women Bring Up Capable Daughters


The mother-daughter relationship is very strong and it is a very important part of building the girl’s character. The daughter looks up to her mother, so if the mother is a strong and independent woman that will influence the daughter to acquire those traits from her mom.

In 2015, Bonnie Marcus, an executive coach, did a survey about the ambitions of around 600 women and the girls that were the most ambitious said that their mothers were the ones that impacted their aspirations for their ambition.

Keds and Girls Leadership did another similar survey that involved around a thousand teenaged girls, and more than 60 percent of them said that they looked up to their moms as their role models. And unlike the popular belief that teens don’t like spending time with their parents, they prefer the support of their parents more than that of their friends.

Every part of the mother’s life is important in the molding of the daughter’s character. The way they talk, the way they behave, the way they interact with others. Strong mothers teach their daughters to be independent, confident, and to have high ambitions.

Strong women teach their daughters that they need to fight for themselves, not let anybody put them down, and never to surrender to succeed in this cruel world. They also respect and know how important real love is, so they teach their daughters to avoid unhealthy relationships and to think carefully about which people they should let in their lives.

So their daughters grow in an environment where they learn that they need to work hard to achieve their dreams.

These girls are also taught not to keep emotions in, and that crying is not a sign of weakness. They are taught to forgive and to be kind wherever forgiveness and kindness are needed. They are also taught that they need to change, and they shouldn’t stick to having only one role in their lives.

If you’re a daughter of a strong and independent mother, then you know how important it is to set your goals as high as you can. You know that you are special and you deserve nothing less than that. You know that you have the support of your mother and that you should be always determined to chase your dreams.

If you have a strong mother, you know she is your best friend, your role model, your best advisor, and the one that will always be by your side.


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