Be Careful Who You Let In Your Life


There are types of people who easily drain your energy and make you feel emotionally exhausted every time you spend some time together. These people are toxic and can bring a huge amount of stress and negativity into your life.

These are the reasons why you attract toxic people in your life:

You are a good listener

It is awesome to be a good listener, especially with people who need help and someone to talk to. However, toxic and manipulative people take advantage of your ability and patience to listen to them, which, in turn, makes you feel exhausted and overwhelmed.

You make time for them

Toxic people love having an awesome friend who always makes time for them. If you don’t set boundaries, they will keep abusing you.

You are open with them

If you talk openly with them about your fears, dreams, and goals, they will do everything to discourage you and put you down. Their main purpose is to prevent you from becoming successful and happy.

You are relaxed

Toxic people always come to those who have found their inner peace. These people aren’t aggressive and they always say “Yes”.

You are positive

Manipulative and toxic people will always try to engage you in unkind deeds, especially if you are very positive and involved in doing something good for humanity.

Make sure you stay conscious and learn how to recognize these people.

They share certain characteristics which you should be aware of:

  • If you say “No” to them, they dramatize a lot and use threats
  • After each encounter, they leave you emotionally drained
  • Never apologize or admit their mistakes
  • Ask for favors all the time

They compliment you a lot to attract you, but later they would start adding something “negative” in every “positive” thing they say.

They love playing the role of a victim

The first step to eliminate these people from your life is to recognize their toxicity and set boundaries. If you have decided to end the friendship with a toxic person, you should stick to that decision.

Also, make sure you aren’t too kind to them because it can be detrimental. Learn to say “No” to these people because it is a sign of self-respect and self-love.

Source: BePositive || MentalFloss


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