Australian Reptile Park: First Koala Born Since Deadly Bushfires


According to the IFAW, more than 5,000 koalas have died due to the bushfires. These animals move quite slowly and live in eucalyptus trees which burn intensely and quickly.

Animal experts claim that female koalas could even stop conceiving due to the stress caused by bushfires and the destruction of their habitat.

Luckily, the Australian Reptile Park has welcomed the first koala joey that has been born since then.

As reported by the zoo’s staff, the koala joey called Ash is 5 months old and it is ready to emerge from its pouch.

Its birth is considered a sign of hope for Australia’s wildlife.

Currently, there are three other koala joeys in pouches in this zoo as well.

They have also shared a heartwarming video of a zookeeper greeting the baby koala as it pokes its head out of its mother’s pouch.

Ash, the little joey, represents the beginning of another, hopefully, successful breeding season.

SourceUnilad  ||  Standrad  ||  Global News


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