April’s Super “Pink” Moon Will Be Impressive: The Brightest Full Moon In 2020


As April begins, we’re closing in on the night of the next full moon. That will happen on the night of the 7th of April.

The full moon of April is often called Pink Moon, not because the moon itself will be pink but because of the pink phlox flowers that blossom in the early spring. Each month’s full moon has a name that either has Native American roots or Anglo-Saxon roots.

Coincidentally this April’s full moon is also going to be a super moon that means it will be super bright, and actually, it’s going to be the brightest moon of the whole year. A moon is considered a super moon when it’s close to our planet, and when it reaches the closest point to the Earth we will see it as a big and bright ball in the night sky.

If the night sky on the 7th of April proves to be clear we are going to have a great view of the super moon. Additionally, the moon will be visible a couple of days before and after the 7th and it will appear to be very big because of its proximity to Earth even though it’s not a full moon.

About this phenomenon, Earth Sky exclaimed:

The full rotation of the moon around the sun is 360 degrees and when it reaches 180 degrees it is considered a full moon. If you want to precisely track the moon’s movement you can visit Unitarium and remember that positive numbers show a moon in its waxing phase and negative in its waning phase.

The full moon of April is going to be the closest to the earth and at the same time the brightest in the whole year of 2020 because it aligns with the lunar perigee the closest. Every fourteen returns to the full moon is almost precisely equal to fifteen returns to lunar perigee.

The average period from one full moon to the next one is around 29.5 days, and the average period from one perigee to the next one is around 27.5 days.

Amazingly, this is going to be the brightest super moon of the year because there will be a lot of super moons throughout 2020. If you have access to a telescope and a nice camera, this event will prove to be amazing for taking some mesmerizing photographs, and just, in general, to spend some time during this pandemic we’re in.

Sources: news.yahoo.com , EarthSky


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