Adorable Rare Orchids Look Just Like Monkeys


Flowers are symbols of beauty, fragility, elegance, and purity. Orchids are one of the most admired flowers around the world. There are over 30,000 varieties of these popular flowers.

Yet, there is one rare type of orchids whose low petals and stamens make them look like monkeys!

The Monkey Orchid grows around 2,000 feet above sea level and can be found in forests of southeastern Ecuador and Peru.

These flowers are also known as Dracula Simia or Orchis Simia (monkey dragon). Carlye A. Lueren, a botanist, gave them this name in 1978 due to their similarity to the simians.

Orchis Italica is a Mediterranean version of the monkey orchid which is similar to Orchis Simia.


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There are almost 118 different types of this flower found in Central America, Mexico, Colombia, Peru, and Ecuador.

The most popular among them are Dracula Gigas and Dracula Amaliae which have the same monkey face but in different shapes and colors. Unfortunately, many types of orchid flowers are endangered and on the verge of extinction.

The Monkey Orchid also has a very pleasant scent which is quite similar to that of ripe oranges. These flowers can bloom at any time, during any season but they prefer low light, high humidity, and colder temperatures.

If you want to grow this awesome flower, here are some useful tips:

– Make sure you moist the soil all the time and place a saucer under the plant container which must have a drainage hole.
– To prevent moisture evaporation, use a 3-inch layer of mulch.
– Do not expose them to direct sunlight.
– Remove faded blossoms regularly to stimulate the flush of fresh flowers
– Note that orchid roots don’t like too much water. Make sure you water them too little.



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