The Reason Why We Have A Groove Under Our Nose


People have them and we all wonder why we have them. We are thinking about that weird groove under our nose. It goes up to our top lip and comes from under our nose.

People know it as a philtrum and it is universal as our eyes and nose. We wonder what his function is and why do we have it. Everything is connected with the way our faces are created in our womb.

The philtrum marks the location where some parts join together in one. That is the place where the human face comes together. There are three main points of the puzzle called “Human Face” and they meet at the top of the lip and create the philtrum.

After that, the rest of the face develops within 2 or 3 months. In a case where the face does not form in this window, it means that it will never will.

There is an explanation and you can see how the face forms and how all of the pieces come together and create a human face.


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