A Deaf-Blind Dog Helped A Family To Find Their Missing Daughter


Dogs are often our heroes. They are our most loyal and devoted companions. Max, a Blue-Heeler mix, is one of them. Even though he is blind and deaf, he managed to save a missing girl.

Aurora, a 3-year old girl from Queensland, Australia, get lost while wandering off the Australian Bush. Luckily, Max followed her in the bush.

When her family realized that Aurora was missing, they looked for her with their neighbors and the local police. The rainy and windy weather made their search even more difficult. Their search lasted for about 15 hours.

Leisa, Aurora`s grandmother, was also looking for her. When she approached the bush, she thought that she had heard her granddaughter`s voice in the distance. When she went to the top of the mountain, Max came to her and led her to Aurora. Max helped the family to find Aurora, who was waiting tired and freezing.

Even though Max is old, deaf and blind, he stayed with Aurora the whole night and saved her life. He cuddled up with Aurora to keep her warm and safe and never let her alone.

Max was made an Honorary police dog by the community, and photos of him were posted on Twitter. Max was a hero that is celebrated for its courage and kindness.

You can watch the whole story on the link below.


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