A Couple From Chicago Decided To Cancel Their Wedding And Use The Money To Get Food For People In Need


The Covid-19 pandemic made couples from all around the world that had scheduled their weddings to cancel them or reschedule them.

Like all couples, Billy Lewis and Emily Bugg wanted a wedding and a big celebration with all their family and friends. But all their plans had to change because of the global pandemic. But, instead of rescheduling, they decided to cancel their wedding completely. Realizing that it means much more to get married than making a big, expensive wedding, they got married in the city hall without any special ceremonies.

However, they already paid five thousand dollars for the catering service and they didn’t want to get a refund. They thought of a better idea on how to use the catering service for a better cause. Emily and Billy asked the caterer to repurpose their food that was planned for the wedding into Thanksgiving dinners for people that didn’t have any food for Thanksgiving. The caterer Big Delicious Planet agreed to that request, and instead of wedding food, they made meals that included traditional Thanksgiving foods such as turkey and mashed potatoes, bread and butter, and even a dessert.

CNN reported that the couple helped and gave food to around 200 people in need.

The couple’s idea though was inspired by Emily’s working experience. She has been working at a mental health provider in Chicago called Thresholds.

For CNN, Emily Bugg stated that she feels like helping the clients of Thresholds feel the spirit of Thanksgiving was the right choice, and canceling the wedding turned out into something even better.

Emily’s and Billy’s donation is a much-needed act during these times and we certainly hope that they will inspire many other people to do good deeds, not just in the holiday season, but all year round.

Source: iheartintelligence


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