A British Baker Prepared A Realistic ‘Raw’ Thanksgiving Turkey Cake For Her Family


Sarah Hardy, a baker from Britain, prepared the most unusual chocolates and cakes in the world. If you want brain-like chocolate, you will get it.

She claims that she wanted to make things that looked awful, but in the end, they were tasty.

Even though her official page, the Edible Museum, is well-known, she became even more famous with her new recipe – a raw turkey cake. Even though the turkey looks disgusting, it is not as it seems.

Actually, it is a cake, made from a 4-layer buttercream sponge that looked like a real turkey`s skin. She also added marzipan to get the plucked turkey skin and syrup for a shiny look.

Sarah explained that making a raw turkey cake is not easy and it costs $600 if you want to order it.

If you want to make this cake at home, the recipe is given in the video below.


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Making the Raw Turkey Cake was filmed by Insider Dessert recently and they’ve just posted it. To see the whole film go to my Highlights, tap and follow link to IGTV. It’s so nice to see it out as it’s one of my favourite creations – just so pretty! I first made it back in 2012 and it has delighted and revolted people ever since. Which side do you fall on? If you want to make it then go to www.sarahhardymakes.com for some free instructions and templates. (Yes I know Yolanda Gamp did a raw turkey cake, she is very welcome to make what ever she likes, I’m totally not into online hate stuff – let’s all create, share, have fun!) #thanksgivingcake #turkeycake #rawturkeycake #christmascake #rawchickencake #foodartist #behindthescenes #inthestudio #insiderdessert #creepycakes #grosscake #illusioncakes #hyperrealsculpture #edibleart #foodart #chocolatefossils #ediblefossils #happythanksgivng

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