7 Things You Should Promise Yourself To Do


Keeping the promises you make to others is an important thing for any kind of relationship, but oftentimes many of us do not keep the promises that we make to ourselves.

All the things we say that we are going to start doing like eating healthier food, or stop smoking, getting more exercise, learn another language, and all the New Year resolutions are just joking that we laugh about after some time.

The promises we make to ourselves should be just as important as those that we make to other people. When we start giving value to those promises then we will find out more about our own lives and we will see new opportunities arise before us.

We give you seven promises that you should make to yourself and keep them for starters.

1. Promise yourself to listen to your body and mind when you’re not feeling well

If you don’t feel good, or just feel stressed or tired more than usual it is your body saying that it needs some rest. Not enough rest can cause many illnesses such as anxiety, or other cardiovascular diseases so when you feel tired and stressed take at least 15 minutes to meditate, relax, or exercise. All of this will surely bring positive changes in your life.

2. Promise yourself to smile more

Smiling can put you in a better mood and it can make you feel a little bit more confident. It boosts your energy and reduces your stress at the same time. Some studies have shown that even if the smile is fake it can be still more beneficial than not smiling at all. Other people will feel your smiling energy too so they will react positively to them as well.

3. Promise yourself to think out of the box to achieve better results

You will never know what you’re losing in life if you don’t try something new and if you don’t think outside of the box so be prepared to do things that are out of your comfort zone and you will see that the boundaries you thought you had never existed and everything is possible.

4. Promise yourself to not let your past define who you are

Thinking about your past doesn’t mean you have to let it control you. Just let your experience be a guide and a lesson that will help you find the best in you.

5. Promise yourself to live the life you always wanted to live

A lot of people just feel terrible because they live their lives how other people want them and never truly looking for their happiness. Happiness can’t be achieved by doing what other people want and trying to make everyone else happy. True happiness can be achieved when you live the way you want to live and be creative in all the ways you feel like you want to be.

6. Promise yourself to remember that nothing lasts forever

Everything in your life will come and go. People too. Don’t expect that when you’ve met your new best friend, your greatest love, or a perfect business partner they will stay in your life forever because you will be let down. If you break up from a relationship, just let it go and know that everything that has a beginning has an end as well. Learn from those past relationships and move on with your life.

7. Promise to yourself that changes are good and you will accept them

We already said that nothing in this world lasts forever so changes are necessary and you need to accept them. If you keep this promise it will lead to positive things happening in your life. New challenges and opportunities will arise and sometimes you would have to end relationships to embrace these changes, but know that in the end, it’s all for the best.

In the end, you should make yourself a journal to keep all the promises you make to yourself and whenever you feel like you’re forgetting something, just come back to your journal and refresh your memory.


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